Real Estate Advisory Committee

Authority of the Committee:

The Real Estate Advisory Committee assists the Commission and/or Administrator.


Qualifications of the Committee:

Committee members are approved by the Real Estate Commission.

The criteria for the Real Estate Advisory Committee is the same as qualifications for the Real Estate Commission. 


Each member must:

1. Be a citizen of the US;

2. Have been a resident of the state of Nevada for not less than 5 years;

3. Have been actively engaged in business as:

     a. a real estate broker in Nevada for at least 3 years

     b. a real estate broker/salesman in Nevada for at least 5 years


For inquiries and/or applications, please contact:

Legal Administrative Officer
State of Nevada, Department of Business & Industry
Real Estate Division
2501 E. Sahara Avenue, Suite 303
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone (702) 486-4033 ext. 64036
Fax (702) 486-4067


Advisory Committee Members

Barkell, Roger Bruk, Paul
Bonham, Phillip Cash, Ken
Brenkus, Teri Cioffi, Mary
Claire, Philip Mayer, Penny
Felgar, Deirdre Paine, Daniel
Fordham, David  
Gonce, Laura  
Herwick, Rosa  
Karaffa, Joseph  
Kingham, Myrna  
Maline Jr, Andrew  
Nyman, Jeffrey  
Oetjen, Jack  
Pessini, Anthony  
Rossum, Hayward (Woody)  
Walker, Paul  
Woodcock Jr, Jack