Nevada Law & Reference Guide

July 2012

The Nevada Law and Reference Guide, 3rd Edition updates include:

Chapter V, Appendix I:

Page 3 – in the “Agency and Transaction Disclosures” table, for the Residential Disclosure Guide, the words “15 page” have been deleted from the description under “What is Being Disclosed”;

Page 8 – in the “Property Disclosures” table, for the Seller’s Real Property Disclosure, the words “Buyer may waive all rights” have been removed from the description under “What is Being Disclosed”;

Page 9 – in the “Property Disclosures” table, the entire row regarding the Energy Consumption Evaluation Disclosure has been removed, pursuant to its repeal by the Legislature in 2011.

Chapter V, Appendix II:

Pages 3-6 - contain the 10/01/11 revision of the Seller’s Real Property Disclosure Form, 547.

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