Nevada Law and Reference Guide


Funding for this project was provided by the Nevada Real Estate Division, Department of Business & Industry, State of Nevada, through the Nevada Education Research and Recovery Fund.

The Guide was conceived and given its nativity under the auspices of Gail J. Anderson, Real Estate Division Administrator (2002-2007), and the 2005-2006 Nevada Real Estate Commissioners: Benjamin Green, Washoe County; Lee Gurr, Elko County; Curry Jameson, Washoe County; Charlie Mack, Clark County; and Beth Rossum, Clark County. The format, chapter topic suggestions and problem areas were identified with a series of round table discussion groups composed of real estate industry practitioners. Their insight and comments when the project was just beginning were invaluable.

Debra March, Executive Director of The Lied Institute of Real Estate Studies, College of Business of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, served as administrative project manager. Her extensive background in real estate education and administration/management kept the project moving forward.

Melody L. Luetkehans, JD, researched and wrote the Guide under contract with the Lied Institute. Previously, she was General Counsel for the Nevada Association of Realtors® and manned their Legal Hotline for years. She continues to teach real estate law and is currently with the National Judicial College on the University of Nevada, Reno campus.

Sarah Zita, of Zita Group, Inc., Las Vegas, Nevada, designed and provided the wonderful graphics, photographs, layout, formatting, technical and editorial corrections, and the artwork. The beauty and functionality of the Guide is all her.

Nothing of this scope is possible without extensive review. The written material was reviewed by the late Gail Brown Fox, long-time corporate broker in Clark County; Matt D’Orio, formerly Education/Information Officer with the Real Estate Division; Lee Gurr, previous NV Real Estate Commissioner and broker/owner; Deanna Rymarowicz, Esq., legal counsel for the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors®; Ben Scheible, Esq., author and real estate educator; and Robert Aalberts, JD. professor of law at UNLV, who was also a member of the review committee. Current RED Administrator Ann M. McDermott, along with Safia Anwari, Education & Information Officer of the Real Estate Division, reviewed and edited the text to ensure its timeliness. The Real Estate Division would like to acknowledge the contribution of Bruce Alitt, Chief Investigator, in reviewing and suggesting edits.

Finally, much thanks goes to the current Commissioners and Real Estate Division Administrator for seeing this project through to its finalization:
RED Administrator Ann M. McDermott; Beth Rossum, Commission President, from Clark County; Janice Copple, vice-president, Washoe County; Bert Gurr, secretary, Elko County; Marc Sykes, Washoe County; and Soozi Jones Walker, Clark County.

First edition published 2008.
Second edition published 2010.
Third edition published 2012.

Fourth edition published 2014.

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