2013 Announcements (ARCHIVES)

Ombudsman's Q&A Forum
Resale disclosure /Intervention Affidavit process /emergency meetings
Terminating the HOA /Meeting minutes /CC&R enforcement
Repairs on individual units /Financial reviews and audits /Manager’s attendance at board meetings

Ombudsman's Q&A Forum
Providing documents to owners/Fines for continuing violations /Bad debt
Workgroups and committees/Expired service contracts /Parliamentary procedures in executive session

What Every Licensee Should Know 2014
Bid Solicitation
Bid Package

Ombudsman's Q&A Forum
Foreclosure process/Hiring relatives /Enforcing rules
Enforcing CC&Rs/Management agreements /Paying legal fees
Meeting minutes/Redacting bids /Financial statements

Ombudsman's Q&A Forum
Bids/Hiring a voting monitor /A tied election
Fines/Election Ballot Review /Board Eligibility
Yard sales/Compensating board members /Using proxies
Foreclosure process/Revising CC&Rs and Bylaws /Removing a board president
Deceased owners/Financial liability /Recording executive sessions

Ombudsman's Q&A Forum
Payment plans/Financial information provided to owners /Managers attending meetings
Liens for assessments vs. liens for violations/Recall elections and contracts /Owner occupied vs. rental units
Maximum size for self-management/Proxies /Proxies and Ballots
Financial statement content/Legal counsel /Committees

Ombudsman's Q&A Forum
Handicap parking/Protective covenants /Lithium grease
Illegal contracts/Response to records request /Cumulative voting follow up
Removing a board officer/ Withholding information/ Recording executive board meetings/ Cumulative voting
Comingling funds/ Campaign mailings/ Applying assessment payments

Older Announcements