Initial Certification Requirements

 1.  An applicant for a certificate as a certified residential inspector:

(a)  Must furnish proof satisfactory to the Division that he has successfully completed:

(1)   Not less than 40 hours of academic instruction in subjects related to structural inspections in courses approved by the Division.

(2) An examination approved by the Division.

(3) The observation of at least 25 inspections performed by:

(I) A certified general inspector or a certified master inspector for a fee

(II) An instructor approved by the Administrator.

(b) Must possess a high school diploma or its equivalent.

(c) Must demonstrate his ability to produce a complete and credible inspection report according to the standards and 
requirements set forth in NAC 645D.460 to 645D.580, inclusive.

2.  An applicant must submit to the Division a log of the inspections he observed on a form supplied by the Division.

IOS Checklist and Application - Form 573