PreLicensing Education

The pre-license course application process has a dual ladder requirement.  Approval must be obtained from the Real Estate Commission and the Commission on Postsecondary Education (CPE).  Requirements outlined here address only the Real Estate Commission requirements.  Contact CPE at (702) 486-7330.

Real estate pre-license courses may be presented in classroom or via a distance learning format.  Distance learning courses must include at least two progress examinations in addition to the final examination.  The final examination must be closed-book with a proctor present.

  • Course applications should be submitted by the deadline for the meeting at which you wish the course to be heard; 

  • Provide a complete set of student materials;

  • Provide a copy of instructor notes and teaching aids; 

  • Provide a copy of each examination to be used and the correct answer for each question; and

  • Course outline with time delineations noted.

There is a $100 fee for pre-license applications.

All courses must comply with the requirements outlined in NAC 645.435:

At least 45 hours on the principles and practices of real estate, which must include:

  • Brokerage and laws of agency, 21 hours;

  • Valuation and economics, 12 hours; and

  • Finance, 12 hours.

At least 45 hours on the law of property and the regulation of brokers and salesmen and the ethics of selling real estate, which must include:

  • Ownership, transfer and use of property, 25 hours;

  • Chapters 119, 119A, and 645 of NRS and the regulations adopted thereunder, 18 hours; and

  • Applied practice, 2 hours.

Link to NRS 119       NAC 119
Link to NRS 119A    NAC 119A
Link to NRS 645       NAC 645


Instructors must be approved by the Division for the course or courses they desire to teach.  Qualifications to teach any real estate pre-license course include:

  • Hold a bachelor's degree or a more advanced degree in the field in which they are to instruct;

  • Teach at the University and Community College System of Nevada or the university system of another state in the field in which the school has assigned them to give instruction;

  • Hold a valid license issued by the State of Nevada or another state which authorizes the holder to teach the subject being offered;

  • Have five (5) years of full-time experience, other than secretarial, in the subject taught; or

  • Have three (3) years of full-time experience teaching the subject taught at a school which offers adult education.

Limitations include:

  • Noncertificated guest lecturers (experts in the related fields) are limited to not more than nine (9) instructional hours per approved course;

  • May not employ a person as an instructor, without the express approval of the commission, who has been disciplined by the commission:

    • Within the last five (5) years; or

    • More than two (2) times.